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Rock River Hospice & Home is a free-standing, community based, non-profit hospice serving five counties in Northern Illinois, including Whiteside, Lee, Carroll, Ogle and Bureau counties. For more than 38 years, Rock River Hospice & Home (formerly Hospice of the Rock River Valley) has provided compassionate quality hospice care regardless of the patient’s ability to pay, and no person will be billed from RRHH for routine hospice services.

  • Keeping the patient comfortable in his/her own home or place of residence.
  • Helping the patient and family gain a sense of control and competence.
  • Promoting the patient’s and family’s dignity, autonomy and right to privacy.
  • Enhancing the time the patient and family share.
  • The best time to learn about hospice is before you need it. To speak with one of our professionals, call us at (815) 625-3858.


Rock River Hospice & Home affirms life by providing exceptional care and support to those transitioning through serious illness, death and grief.

By Your Side, Our Family Caring For Your Family.

Services at Rock River Hospice & Home

End of life care requires compassion and an experienced team of specialized caregivers. Rock River Hospice & Home offers both, wherever you or your loved one needs care.
Hospice is available in many settings, with the hallmark for hospice care in the home of the patient, among family and friends. However, there are times when a caregiver is unable to care for the patient, or there is no caregiver or family residing close. And, at times, there are patients who simply have no family at all.

Rock River Hospice & Home can provide the specialized care you trust in our 6-bed inpatient hospice home where you or your loved one can rest easy, knowing everything will be taken care of so you can focus on enjoying your time together.

“There has been an urgent need in our community for dedicated, intensive end of life care for those patients and families who need more than in-home hospice care. The hospice home was that next step for Rock River Hospice & Home to branch out to meet the needs of the Sauk Valley.”

-Dr. Jason Reter,
Medical Director for Rock River Hospice & Home

What can the Hospice Home offer?

  • There is no other hospice home within 30 miles.
  • The hospice home enables us to offer three levels of care; Respite, Inpatient, and Routine.
  • The hospice home can provide assistance to caregivers needing extra help.
  • Respite care provides relief for caregivers if they need to be away.
  • The hospice home provides a specialized environment to treat patients with short term, acute medical issues.

Amenities include:

  • Six patient suites, all with private baths and views of the memorial garden.
  • 24 hour care
  • Chapel/Reflection Room
  • An entirely handicapped accessible facility
  • Family space with overnight accommodations for visitors
  • Kitchen and dining service for patients and families.

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