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Bereavement Support

Grief from the loss of a loved one or close friend brings forth a range of emotions and responses which can be confusing or hard to understand. Our bereavement counselor assesses the needs of the family following the death of each of our patients. We can provide in-home, phone or education grief support as needed or requested.
Bereavement services are also available to anyone in the community experiencing the loss of a loved one, including counseling for both adults and youth.

Along with counseling services, other grief support options are available including T*I*M*E (Together in Memories) Grief Support Group, Annual Memorial Service, and more.

There is no charge for our bereavement services or programs. For information about our bereavement services, call 815-625-3858.

T*I*M*E (Together in Memories) Grief Support Group

When: Noon – 1:30 p.m. second Monday of every month

Where: Rock River Hospice & Home Conference Room
2706 Avenue E, Sterling, IL

For More Information call 815-625-3858.

Children’s/Family Grief Camp

Rock River Hospice & Home offers Family Grief Camp once a year, a unique and innovative session designed specifically for parents & children who have suffered the loss of a loved one. The mission of camp is to provide children with the resources to help them cope with their grief and to allow them to spend time with other children who are experiencing a similar situation. Children grieve differently from adults, and that grieving has no set timeframe. A common misconception is that bereavement camps are full of tears and sadness. Not true! Camp is full of fun, good times, and friendship! Most kids don’t know they’re not alone until they come to camp. Family Grief Camp is available to ALL children between 6 and 13 years of age who have experienced a loss and need support. A mixture of fun activities, allows children to express feelings and concerns, identify supportive people, and find appropriate ways to use memories for healing and growth; with the theme of offering true HOPE for their future. Camp is provided free of charge to all and is sponsored and facilitated by Rock River Hospice & Home

Chaplain Services

Rock River Hospice & Home has a specially trained Hospice Chaplain on staff that can provide care to patients and their families according to their desires and beliefs, with an open, sensitive, non-judgmental presence. The Hospice Chaplain can provide assistance to patients and families making connection with clergy of their own faith, assist with funeral planning and memorial services and may be available to officiate if desired.

Chaplains also provide:

  • Listening skills when you feel lonely or confused.
  • Confidentiality with each visit.
  • An additional support to your own faith group.
  • Regular visits based on your needs and desires.

We Honor Veterans

Rock River Hospice & Home is proud to participate in the We Honor Veterans program. Conducted by the NHPCO in collaboration with the VA, We Honor Veterans is a national hospice awareness campaign whose mission is to create Hospice-Veteran Partnerships (HVP). HVPs are coalitions of VA facilities, hospices, and others working together to ensure the providing of excellent end-of-life care for the approximately 680,000 U.S. Veterans who pass away each year.

At Rock River Hospice & Home, new patients are asked about their military service and, if they were in the military, more related information is gathered. This additional information will help determine what type of care for which the patient is eligible based on the date and length of their service. When available and requested, we can match a Veteran volunteer with a Veteran patient, who can relate with the patient and family about their experiences, needs and wishes.

Rock River Hospice & Home can also conduct Pinning Ceremonies for Veteran patients and their families. In addition, RRHH can provide programs and presentations about hospice services and services for Veterans to local Veteran service organizations.

Volunteer Services

Volunteers form a dedicated group of loyal and sensitive individuals who help ensure the mission of hospice care. Committed to excellence in care, hospice volunteers have a profound respect for the specialized needs and comfort of terminally ill patients and their families and participate in specialized training to provide assistance with the complex challenges that hospice patients and families face. Direct care volunteers are available to patients and can provide ongoing support and reassurance as well as a broad spectrum of services. Volunteers can be a companion and friend to the patient, thus allowing the family members a bit of respite; read to a patient; share talents such as musical, singing, artistic, etc.; perform some light housekeeping; help write letters or record a life history; among others. Volunteers can visit patients in their home, nursing facility, assisted living centers and the hospice home.

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